UK and Luxembourg in one go

Home again after UK Toydog Show 28/3 in England with 140 Cresteds entered, judge Mrs J. Guvercin (Glebeheath). Prefix Flicka I Frack won a strong Limlt class. Then we went on to Luxemburg with 86 Cresteds entered, 29/3,arriving after a nightdrive at 5.30 am. Flicka got her first CAC in Luxembourg, judge Mrs. Y. Nagler-Magal.

A wonderful critique of Flicka from UK Toy Dog Association’s in March. Judge Julie Guvercin (kennel Glebeheath). Flicka won limit bitch.

Beautiful bl/White p/p with erect ears correctly set on her lovely head. A wealth of beautifully prepared veil coat covers a nice neck and firm body, spirit level topline with the best of tail set and carriage. Excellent hindquarters which she used well on the move. Just lost her composure a little when it mattered in the challenge but she pushed hard for top honours. A bitch I would love to own.