DOG WORLD 21/8 2009

>Läste följande av Simon Parsons ”In the Doghouse”:

How many overseas-based kennels have bred three or more UK champions? Two recent examples brought this to mind, and I´d be interested to hear others.
One of them is especially remarkable in that all four have been campaigned by their owner-breeders in this country, indeed all round Europe and even occasionally in the US. There can be few major shows from Finland to Gibraltar where you cannot find Gunilla and/or daughter Rebecca Agronius and their cleverly named Prefix Chinese Cresteds from Sweden and very often Gunilla´s canine sculptures too.
Their dogs have made quite a mark in the British rings, too, with Crufts group places for the last two years and their three UK champions are the males Ch Prefix Hold Your Horses and Ch Prefix Singapore Sling, plus the former´s daughter Ch Prefix Really Something and Sling´s sister Ch Prefix Swede Smell Of Success, all with countless other titles, too.