Cruftskritiker 2002

Domare: Angela Draper-Andrews, Dog World April 12 

A most enjoyable day judging Cresteds at the premier show, a breed I have been associated with since the ’60s. Last time I judged I was very disappointed with the overall quality. Size was a problem, heads were coarse & untypical. I appreciate deer & cobby type but most were too heavy & cloddy. I had difficulty finding a small active graceful dog. Today I found exactly what I was looking for, a toy dog with medium to fine bone, elegant, active & graceful. My winners all complied with the Standard, several were reminiscent of the great Cresteds of the past: Staround Quanto, Yenla, Tyla & my own Wanda. Some beautiful powder puffs were on show but tails here do seem to be a problem; tail carriage was that of the Lhasa Apso. Tailset should be high carried up or out, something that does need watching as it spoils the overall balance. 

VD 1 Agronius’ Int Ch Prefix Damascus, gorgeous type of correct size, in excellent condition, free flowing movement, good reach & drive. 

OB 2 Agronius’ Nord/Lux Ch Prefix Absolutely Fabulous, her name suits her, fabulous, feminine, all quality, pressed winners hard. RCC.