Singapore Sling ♂

Filip september 2009Int Nord GB S N Dan Lux Bel Ch Nordic W-07, WW-08, VWW-13, Belg W -09,
KBHV -07, Crested of the Year-07 and -09

född 2004 09 24, 35 cm
eyetsted -07-09-10, PLL clear,
patella 0/0
e Moonswift Atlantic Storm (n)
u Int Nord Fin Lux Fr Gib Ch CC Crufts -01 Prefix Absolutely Fabulous (n)
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Filip är den glada och sorglösa hunden som älskar livet. Det visar han i ringen med en härlig attityd som naturligtvis har bidragt till att han har vunnit grupplaceringar (SKK) och Best in Show på klubbutställningar. Han vann sitt första engelska CC på UK Toy 2007 för Sue Dykes. Sitt andra vann han på engelska klubbshowen 2007 för domare Roger Stone (Vanitonia), han blev dessutom BIS.

  • Årets kines 2007 och 2009
  • BIG 4 Malmö 2006
  • World Winner 2008
  • BIS sommarspecialen 2008
  • Årets kineshane 2008
  • BIS Chinese Crested Club UK 2007
  • BIG 2 Kortrijk 2008
  • BIS sommarspecialen 2009
  • BIG 2 Bryssel 2009
  • BIG 2 Köping 2009
  • BIG 2 Västerås 2009
    2013 BIS-Veteran MyDog Göteborg (8years old)
    Veteran World Winner 2013

Mr Stone skrev: When it comes to quality this Swedish kennel comes up with the goods every time. I have long admired stock from this breeding. This was no exception. I first saw this boy some years ago when Diana Bowdler-Townsend, gave him BPIS at this show, and loved him. I felt honoured his owners travelled from Sweden to exhibit today. I understand he has one CC in the UK so I was happy to award his second. He is in a class of his own. Blue/white laced, divine head and expressive dark super shaped eyes, super mouth. High stationed, well balanced through-out. Great showman. He moves on the right track and poses putting his feet in the right places. Loved his greater than thou attitude.

born 2004 09 24, 35 cm
patella 0/0 eyes tested-07-09-10 PLL clear.

  • Crested of the year 2007 and 2009
  • Group 4 Malmö 2006
  • BIS Chinese Crested Club UK 2007
  • World Winner 2008
  • BIS summer specialty club show 2008
  • Crested male of the year 2008
  • Group 2 Kortrijk 2008
  • BIS summer specialty club show 2009
  • Group 2 Brussels 2009
  • Group 2 Köping 2009
  • Group 2 Västerås 2009
    2013 BIS-Veteran MyDog Gothenburg (8 years old)
    Veteran World Winner 2013

Filip is a happy carefree dog who loves life. He shows off this wonderful attitude in the ring which naturally has been one of the reasons he has won several group placings (SKK) and Best in Show at club shows. He gained his first UK CC at UK Toy 2007 under Sue Dykes. His second CC was won at the CC Club of GB championship show 2007 under Roger Stone (Vanitonia), he was also Best in Show. Read Mr Stone’s critique above.